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Golf Buddy WT4 – Now This Looks Promising.

Posted on 01. May, 2014 by in News

Finally a manufacturer that gets it and delivers a watch that doesn’t wear like a brick.

Yep, you heard right, Finally a Golf Watch manufacturer has listened to the people and delivered what we feel could be a real winner in the brand new Golf Buddy WT4 Golf Watch.

As we’ve seen with previous golf watches, they have tended to be quite bulky on the wrist and I’ve often wondered how could you play a game of golf with a brick like that on your wrist? Not to mention the obvious lack of styling some previous models have shown. I’ve got to give credit where its due, Golf Buddy have really produced an item that I feel could be a real winner and crowd pleaser with the WT4.

Golfbuddy WT4If you’ve been reading our posts you would know that we have been at times critical of some of the previous Golf Buddy models (justifiably so in our opinion as they have had their fair share of faults over the years gone by). I think they may have converted us with the new range of items that are soon to be released this year (2014 at time of writing)

The new WT4 has alot going for it. Awesome slim design that simply wont get in your way and looks like a normal watch at a quick glance. The styling has gone through a major face lift also. You cant mistake this item for a standard run of the mill Golf Watch. Silver/Brushed metal face makes for an appealing look to the new unit. It still packs in the engine that makes all their items work with 37,000+ worldwide courses preloaded on the device with no annual membership fees. This is always a plus to know you wont be up for any extras after you purchase the device. Rumour has it that this unit has had a bit of a speed boost also. The WT4 is quicker than its predecessor (WT3) while still retaining all the features.

Whats Can the WT4 Do?

Really quite simple, it does everything the previous WT3 did, except a little quicker and with alot more style. You still get the standard Front, Centre and Back reading to the green and the auto course and hole recognition. Throw in the hazard information and green view you’ve still got a powerful little unit. The benefit of the GPS technology means you dont need a direct line of sight to the hole, so you’ll be getting accurate readings from whichever angle you are attacking the hole from.


Some Quick Technical Specs

The WT3 offers the user some additional features in the form of a standard watch (new addition is an analog face). You also get the digital scorecard feature, shot distance calculator and the ability to see the sunrise and sunset times based on your location. The battery life will last up to 9 hours (which is a little over 2 standard rounds of golf) when in GPS mode. When in watch mode, Golf Buddy claim the WT# will last up to 50 days without charge.

Final Thoughts

I think Golf Buddy may have actually turned the corner with the release of their new product range for 2014. The vastly improved styling to bring the items into the current times are refreshing. While their items in the past have proved somewhat popular, they were subject to some ordinary reviews. The look of the current items are appealing enough to make me want to take a closer look when they finally arrive in Australia. As for when that may be, rumour has it that the items are due for release in Europe and the USA late April/Early May 2014. Australia typically takes a little longer to catchup due to the market being a lot smaller than the rest of the world. We’ll take a tentative guess that they should hit Australian shores sometime in the second half of 2014 (although we’ll try and line some up in our stores a little sooner for our customers if we can :))

Will the new “4” range of devices be up to the mustard and work as good as they look? Only time will tell, but as mentioned, things are looking up for the Golf Buddy brand and we’ll give them a thumbs up on this one. We’ll be providing updates on these pages as we get some fresh news so stay tuned on the events by bookmarking our page.

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